Concrete Brick is the inevitable trending material in modern time

Concrete Brick is a ‘green’ invention in construction sector and it aims to replace the traditional brick in order to protect the environment and save the natural resources.

Concrete brick has more advantages than traditional burned brick such as: economic advantages, duration of construction process is two to three times quicker; variety range of products meeting customer’s requests, low emission production process, effective useage of natural resources such as fiy ash, paper additives, etc. The hardness, reliability, durability and resistence of concrete brick are more superior than tradional brick Therefore, concrete brick has been used in many developed countries over hundreds of years for constructing and designing all building projects.

In Viet Nam, the use of concrete brick is popularized and appiied in recent years. Due to the perception of Vietnamese Government on invitable trend of concrete brick, many positive policies have been promoted to erase completely traditionally burned brick by using concrete brick


Production technology of concrete brick is environment friendly Concrete Brick have some advantag­es over the traditional burned brick as follow:

Using stone chips, fly ash, cement and additives, etc. instead of farm clay In order to produce 40 billion burned bricks, it requires 600 million m3 of clay which is equal to 30 thoudsand ha of farmland. And it negatively affects the agriculture of Vietnam. As a result, using concrete brick contributes fo saving farmland, and quality of the agriculture of Vietnam as well as against global climate change.

Saving from 70 to 80% of energy comparing to burned brick production methods. Concrete Brick does not use charcoal as well as there is no releasement ofC02 and S02 which pollute the environment

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